No, it is not. Off-ground is designed and built according to playground safety guidelines and measurements. Since our swings are not fixed but movable, the one rule of minimum distance between swings in a playground can not be fulfilled (nevertheless, our swings are soft and pose no danger). Therefore, when ordering Off-ground we kindly ask you to sign a liability waver. And if the installation is in public space we highly recommend to call for an inspection (TÜV for example). 

Yes! We produce Off-grounds per order.

The price of one unit with three hammock/seats is € 9,800 ex. VAT. Ordering a few units, obviously makes things cheaper.

A unit of three hammock/seats is made out of six tubular parts flat-packed in a crate, together with the required anchoring elements for the type of surface it will be mounted on. Installation is simple and does not require any heavy machinery.

Normally delivery time is two month from placing an order.

The distance between corners is 4.15m, so an area of approx 6m in diameter is needed for one unit, 2.5m high.

Off-ground parts are first galvanized, and then can be powder coated with any RAL colour. The hammocks are available in 4 colours(Blue, Green, Black, Yellow).

Yes, we can customize. The basic ingredients are simple, steel tubing, net and rope, so why not connect with us to co-create a custom option for your space.

Off-ground is produced by the good people at Fiction Factory in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.